Louisiana's River Parishes

LAPLACE, La. — On Thursday, June 18, 2020, the River Parishes Tourist Commission (RPTC) unveiled its new promotional name, “Louisiana’s River Parishes.” Louisiana’s River Parishes encompasses the complete story of the River Region. 

“For nearly twenty years, our brand brought millions of visitors but turned away others,” said Buddy Boe, executive director of RPTC. “Two years ago, we began a journey to expand our narrative, diversify our message, and engage with new stakeholders. We recognized that our destination had so many unique experiences that a brand centered around one category of attractions no longer represented us. Today, we have a promotional name that captures the essence of our rich history, people, and food that you can only find in Louisiana’s River Parishes.” 

In 2018, the RPTC began intensive research and analysis into the promotional name of the organization. It started with the removal of the house from the New Orleans Plantation Country logo. In 2019, the board funded a strategic plan, brand analysis, and increased grants to local organizations and made way for new initiatives to be launched in 2020, including a new promotional name. This year, despite a 60% decline in revenue, the commission maintained the funding needed to complete the strategic plan, the brand journey and new initiatives. The new name unveiling was set for the end of 2020, but the organization felt it was imperative to move in a new direction.

“There are moments in history that move us. So, we’re moving ahead,” Boe added. 

Whether it’s exploring one of the rarest varieties of tobacco, cruising the Manchac Greenway on a one-of-a-kind swamp tour, sitting under a 300-year-old cypress tree at a plantation, or visiting the andouille and catfish capitals, the River Region has plenty to offer locals and visitors. Under its new promotional name, RPTC will encapsulate all the various accounts of its people, attractions and history spanning centuries throughout Louisiana’s River Parishes, a place where history, adventure and flavor collide.

Additional initiatives launching later this year include the Andouille Trail, the 1811 Slave Revolt Trail, New Orleans Swamp Country and the Bonfire Country experiences. Louisiana’s River Parishes has attracted visitors from around the world for decades, and the RPTC will continue telling the story of the region through its new promotional name. 

For more information about Louisiana’s River Parishes, please visit LARiverParishes.com.