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WYOMING — The South Dakota Department of Tourism and the Wyoming Office of Tourism have joined forces to create the Black to Yellow tourism campaign, a new effort promoting travel to their states.

The campaign runs through September of this year and includes a number of itineraries highlighting both their more well-known attractions and lesser-known gems.

“Folks from every corner of the country are road tripping to South Dakota’s great places and open spaces,” said South Dakota Governor, Kristi Noem. “Our partnership with the Wyoming Office of Tourism will help expand our message and attract adventurers looking to explore the beauty of America’s most treasured landmarks”

“Wyoming’s unparalleled wide-open spaces give travelers and abundance of opportunities to explore and to do so safely,” said Mark Gordon, Governor of Wyoming. “Wyoming and South Dakota’s new road trip campaign will truly showcase the pioneering spirit, a rich history and western hospitality both states have to offer.”

From South Dakota’s Badlands National Park to Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park, itineraries will take travelers by Devils Tower and Black Hills National Forest — as well as quirky roadside stops. All itineraries and travel resources are available at

In addition, the states will partner with a social media influencer to capture and share their favorite attractions and experiences while on the road.

About South Dakota

South Dakota is home to Mount Rushmore National Memorial and the Old West town of Historic Deadwood. Surrounded by both prairies and mountain ranges, the state boasts six national parks, a rich Native American Heritage, more than 100 museums, and numerous fossil fields and archaeological sites.

About Wyoming

Wyoming is home to a few notable firsts, including the nation’s first national park (Yellowstone), the first national monument (Devils Tower) and the first national forest (Shoshone). While the state is the least populated in the country with an estimated 580,000 residents, it welcomes millions of visitors annually due to its rich history and beautiful natural surroundings.