SPAM Museum
SPAMbassadors™ guide tours at the SPAM Museum. Credit: Hormel Foods Corporation

AUSTIN, Minn., July 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Hormel Foods Corporation, a global branded food company, and its SPAM® brand, today announced the reopening of its one-of-a-kind SPAM® Museum in Austin. In addition to hosting in-person visits, the award-winning museum is offering live virtual tours for those who prefer to visit virtually. Each year, the museum attracts fans from around the world from as far away as Australia, the United Kingdom, the Philippines and Hawaii.

In order to flatten the curve of cases of COVID-19, the state of Minnesota closed all museums to help stop the spread of the virus. Over that time, the SPAM® Museum’s team of SPAMbassadors™ remained busy, helping to deliver more than 20,000 meals to seniors in the Austin community while the museum was closed.

“While being closed was the right thing to do to help curb the spread of COVID-19, we are so excited to open our actual doors and our virtual one and welcome guests back to our museum,” said Savile Lord, SPAM® Museum and community relations manager at Hormel Foods. “For those visiting us in person, we have robust cleaning and sanitation protocols in place, as well as following social distancing guidelines provided by the Minnesota Department of Health, to provide the safest experience for our guests while giving them a SPAMtastic™ tour.”

SPAM Museum
The SPAM Museum in Austin, Minn., has reopened. Credit: Hormel Food Corporation

As an innovative way to help everyone across the globe take in all the sights, sounds and exhibits at the SPAM® Museum, the team has launched a live virtual tour option via Zoom.

“Instead of recording a virtual tour and having people play a video on their devices, we wanted to create a more personal experience and provide a customized tour for each group, like we would do if they were at the museum,” said Lord. “When guests sign up for a live virtual tour, one of our outstanding SPAMbassadors™ will lead them on a tour and interact with each person or group in real time, providing the memorable experience we are known for.”

The museum’s address and hours of operation can be found at

To sign up for a virtual tour, please email