STORY Land & Sea

DENVER — STORY Land & Sea announced Monday that its entire collection of tours for the 2020 fall season will feature a maximum of eight guests.  

The upscale, Denver-based international tour operator is known for its early adoption of small group touring.

“For STORY branded tour departures in September through November 2020, we will feature a maximum of eight guests in our tour groups while also practicing protective tactics while traveling on trains or vehicles as well as in areas where larger crowds may be evident,” reported Mark Story, founder and CEO. “This will be in harmony with anticipated travel enhancements from the Italian government (as well as other destinations). And further tactics may be employed as the travel landscape continues to change, but ultimately the health of our guests and staff is of first importance.”

The company’s announcement continued, “While onboard our vehicles, all STORY guests will be asked to wear protective face masks. Additionally, in any confined areas or spaces where there are crowds, protective face masks will be advised. Please know, we will sanitize our vehicles including: onboard hand-rails, seats/seat backs and tops, and will perform a complete sanitization of the vehicle prior to boarding and each time our group re-boards each day (e.g., a cleaning will take place while on a sightseeing excursion and before STORY guests return to the vehicle).” 

“We have begun to again book tours for this fall (2020), and into 2021 and even 2022, and we’re very grateful for this resumption of business,” Story said. “We’re as committed as ever to providing our guests with life-changing experiences throughout our network of destinations.”

Smart travel: Health and safety on STORY adventures

Keeping the focus on the health and safety of guests and staff, STORY along with government tourism agencies, such as Italy’s ENIT, are working together to develop smart social distancing guidelines both while on trains and in STORY’s private vehicles.

“The good news is, on a STORY adventure your total time onboard a vehicle is very short compared to the entire length of the tour and definitely when compared to other tour operators,” Story said. 

What about travel in 2021 and 2022?

STORY will continue to review the travel environment throughout the world and make adjustments for 2021 and 2022 as necessary. For now, the above changes are set for travel through the end of 2020.

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