Taking place June 11-14, 2020, Discover the Hamptons announced National Rosé Weekend, a social distancing event that allows guests to virtually take rosé-themed tasting tours, discover popular Hampton sites and much more through a four-day event that coincides with National Rosé Day — held every second Saturday of June since 2014.

Tasting sessions will be accessed through a Zoom code specific to ticket holders, who will be shipped wine bottles prior to the event. Groups will discuss elements like flavor profiles and food pairings while enjoying and supporting local products. 

“Our efforts will help lift spirits and keep people working during this unprecedented time,” said Glen O. Vickers II, president & CEO of Discover the Hamptons. “We couldn’t be more grateful from our network of partners that support our charitable work.”

Proceeds will benefit Discover the Hamptons. For more information about the event and to buy tickets, visit discoverthehamptons.net or call 631-318-3042.