Discover My Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio’s premier destination management company, began operations in 2013. When Pegi Dickson and Lynda Nemeth purchased the company in June 2017, they began expanding the client base.

“We pride ourselves in working with all types of groups from motorcoach to corporate, and from large-scale events to student travel,” said Nemeth, destination director. “We customize our services to whatever the group may need. In 2019 we worked with groups that needed nothing more than a knowledgeable step-on guide and itinerary help, to conventions bringing in thousands of people that needed help with every aspect of their event.”

Discover My Cleveland owners with Cleveland skyline in background
Lynda Nemeth and Pegi Dickson
Credit: Courtesy of Discover My Cleveland

Q. What are your clients most interested in? What are some of the newest trends you’re noticing?

A. With Cleveland’s rising popularity we are seeing increased tourism in every segment. We are seeing a lot of corporations choosing Cleveland for their event, and then looking to us to put together unique opportunities for their guests at designated “down times” or as a major evening event to showcase the area. This is one of our favorites packages to offer because we feed off of the excitement and interests of each particular group, and they are always astounded by the diversity of locations and entertainment that northeast Ohio has to offer.

Q. How would you describe today’s group travelers?

A. As the group travel market morphs into a younger more independent traveler we see clients that cater to the group dynamic, but also allow time for individual exploration and the freedom to choose activities. This is a great way for them to cater to a varied group, and still keep everyone engaged.

Travel group with holiday tree in background
Discover My Cleveland group at Festival of Trees, Cleveland Play House
Credit: Courtesy of Discover My Cleveland

Q. What inspired you to become a travel planner/adviser?

A. Ironically, neither of us started our careers in travel. I began my professional life teaching and working with young children. Pegi worked in marketing and retail, eventually opening her own store. Interestingly, we both kept evolving and moving toward the parts of our jobs we enjoyed the most. I enjoyed being out in the community, working with the public and exploring new places and experiences. Which led to a position as the executive director of tourism in Geauga County. Pegi enjoyed the marketing, investigating and uncovering new things to do, which eventually led to her position as office manager at the Geauga office. We soon realized our personalities were pretty complimentary, and together we made a pretty good team. The purchase of Discover My Cleveland as partners was the perfect fit for our talents and to further our adventures in tourism.

Q. What is your best tip for fellow tour professionals?

A. Embrace the fun! We are in a fun business, and most of the people that contact us are excited about exploring Cleveland and having a great experience during their visit. Our job is to listen to what they are looking for and add our knowledge of the area to enhance their ideas and make it as seamless as possible.

Cruise arranged by Discover My Cleveland
Discover My Cleveland group on Nautica cruise
Credit: Courtesy of Discover My Cleveland

Q. Tell me about your favorite tour you have planned or gone on. What made it special?

A. When we first acquired Discover My Cleveland, and kept regaling all of our friends with all of the great things to do in downtown Cleveland, we were met with many blank stares. Of course, people seldom explore the treasures in their own backyard. So, we put together an “Explore the CLE” tour that showcased some wonderful highlights, and we marketed it to our friends and business acquaintances. It was a sellout and meant a lot to us, showcasing our new venture with old friends.

Q. Do you have a favorite travel quote?

A. “The world is a book, and those that do not travel read only one page.” —Augustine of Hippo

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