Linda Odom is the founder and owner of Tales of the South, a full event and regional destination management group providing services for meetings and events, weddings, and group and student travel.

Based out of Tybee Island, Georgia, Tales of the South provides tours from Miami to New York for groups big and small. Odom talked with Associate Editor Kelsey Smith and shared everything Tales of the South has to offer.

Portrait of Linda Odom, founder and owner of Tales of the South
Linda Odom, founder and owner of Tales of the South
Credit: Tales of the South

Q. How would you describe your tours?

A. Our experiences have led us to create a “must-do” list in each city, but each tour is created from a blank canvas, based upon the client’s ideas and budget. From school groups to senior citizens — groups of 900 or a party of four — we strive to exceed their highest expectations. 

Our brand is based on true Southern hospitality and we provide that in every city — even New York City. 

Q. What industry trends are you noticing?

A. Since the advent of the internet, all business models have changed and tourism is no exception. Clients now have the ability to find pre-designed tour packages at affordable prices. We are finding discerning planners are looking for unique opportunities that are “off the beaten path” or more customized to their particular demographic. That’s where we shine. 

We have access to insider perks such as backstage Broadway tours led by a lead in the show, access to private after-hours dinners at restaurants, theaters, museums, film sets and other venues that are closed to the public. Every destination has our own “living life local” host to show our groups the “in” places to go, secret shopping areas, access to private clubs and more offerings that are unattainable to your everyday receptive.  

Q. What are you most proud of about your organization?

A. What I’m most proud of is the amazingly creative, dedicated and talented team that make up Tales of the South. We are a family — and we are all equally focused on creating the very best experience possible for every single person we meet. Each of them have multiple talents, specialties and skills that cover every area of the business. We just all love each other and we love the work we do. What more could you ask for?

Q. What’s the next big thing for Tales of the South?

A. Our new motto is, ‘If it’s not fun … we don’t do it!’ With that in mind, we have reached out to our ‘insiders’ and are working on some exciting outings for adult groups. Savannah is also known for having the largest (or second-largest) St. Patrick’s Day parade in the nation. Our annual Tales of the South private St. Patrick’s Day party is so popular that we’re planning on expanding to a second location next year to accommodate more groups and locals alike.

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