Offering fully supported, multi-day hiking, cycling and multisport tours, Timberline Adventures leads active vacations free from worry and hassle. The company provides prearranged group tours, but also builds custom trips from more than 150 itineraries across the United States and Canada.

Barbara Hoyt, owner of Timberline Adventures, has been an explorer her entire life and now builds upon her own experiences while taking groups into the wild. Hoyt gave Associate Editor Cortney Erndt insight on creating active trips to remember.

Q. What industry trends are you noticing?

A. Group tours seem to be putting adventure tourism into the mainstream. More singles, more women and more baby boomers are traveling around the world looking for adventure. Timberline Adventures can provide that adventure right here in North America. We search out the unique and truly beautiful locations, sometimes in unexpected places, and make them accessible to our guests.

Q. What’s your best tip for fellow tour professionals?

A. In a world where it is becoming increasingly easy to plan and execute your own adventure, the personal connection that guided tours provides is the differentiating factor. Customization and personalization is what clients will remember, and it’s the reason guests will return.

Q. What are you most proud of?

A. The pride of Timberline Adventures is our long-standing commitment to truly active tours. We continue to offer tours of distances and rugged terrain that most companies will not attempt. We find that our fit clients will be encouraged by itineraries that are not beneath their level, and that those working to achieve a higher level of fitness will be guided and coached to obtain their goals and a heightened sense of accomplishment.

Credit: Timberline Adventures

Q. What’s the next big thing for Timberline Adventures?

A. Timberline Adventures is known for taking groups to unique places and we are continually developing new itineraries. We already provide itineraries in more national parks than any other tour company, but we plan to develop tours in more of the least-visited, but still spectacularly beautiful, parks. Stay tuned!

Our annual cycling odyssey will take visitors to unexpected places they never knew were so beautiful. And our annual hiking odyssey will be heading internationally for the next several years — on routes groups cannot find with anyone else. We’ll be exploring hidden mountain ranges, remote shorelines and tropical forests.

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