Confession time. I am often baffled by technology. Let’s face it, my grandkids are the ones who end up teaching me a thing or two when it comes to using social platforms. Recently, my grandkids have been sharing Instagram Reels and I realized how useful the format can be for tour operators marketing their business.  

Instagram Reels are short video clips you can share with all the users of Instagram. Considering the domestic audience is over 155 million active users and growing each day, the potential is huge. And, unlike Stories, another Instagram option focused on real-time events, Reels do not vanish after 24 hours. Users will be able to view and share Reels for a longer time. Instagram has a dedicated tab within the platform users can click to interact with Reels content. 

Although short in duration, at least 15 seconds up to 60 seconds long, Reels allow companies to focus more on content. Creative touches such as full-length captions, audio clips, visual effects and tags can be added to allow people to interact with Reels.   

Here are some ideas tour planners can use to engage with audiences and build brand awareness using Instagram Reels.  

Share insider content 

Behind-the-scenes content helps authenticate your business, making you relatable and setting you up as an expert in the field. Next time you are exploring a destination, take time to showcase lodging, transportation and excursions that may make up a travel package you sell. Tell a personal story about your experience to build a special connection with your followers. Stories make a huge impact and go a long way in building trust. 

Answer questions 

Providing a solution for your followers is an excellent way to use Reels. Practical tips, such as packing advice, navigating airports or the benefits of using a travel planner are examples of travel topics that appeal to a large audience. This type of content offers value and can help generate followers quickly. 

Promote upcoming deals 

By using a combination of photos and video snippets, you can provide insight into an upcoming deal on a specific tour or itinerary. Using captions within a Reel is a great way to add a call to action, asking users to get in touch or pointing them to a particular deal. Make the most of trending topics to create a promotion such as Romantic Getaways in time for Valentine’s Day.  

As with other platforms, test messages and post content often to determine what resonates with your audience. Tour operators who want to grow their business can rely on Instagram Reels to provide them with outstanding engagement potential.