The new Google “Things to do” feature impacts the way your tour, activity or attraction is discovered and booked on Google.

Right below your business information, Google displays a list of ticket options. Previously, you were unable to list your company there. When consumers click on the ticketing links, they are taken to a reseller’s website — and for every sale, you pay up to 30% commission to them.  

Steve Martinez, Livn Founder & CCO

Livn is Google’s global official connectivity partner helping you add your website link within this high-profile space. 

The new Google program allows you to control your content, pricing and distribution by connecting Google users directly to your website with the least amount of middlemen and cost. To learn more about this revolutionary service we sat down with Steve Martinez, Livn Founder & CCO.

Q: Given the current travel industry climate, why is Livn a good tool for operators?

A: Livn helps tour operators stay competitive as global travel prepares to rebound. Livn publishes operators’ inventory into Google “Things to do” platform. The program allows tour providers to reduce costs and increase profit margins by getting direct traffic on their website. This instant connectivity is imperative during this time of recovery and rebuilding post-COVID-19. Livn is leveling the playing field for operators of all sizes, allowing them for the first time to publish products into the program, without the need of Online Travel Agencies.

Q: How do operators participate in Google “Things to do”?

A: We have built an expert local team to communicate with as many operators as possible. Our approach is a consultative one which requires direct engagement with every participant in the ecosystem, which includes tourism boards, DMOs, advertising agencies, trade events and Tour Operators. Livn does not charge commission, cost-per click or transaction fee from operators. We are offering one month free and after that, start charging a small monthly publishing fee to cover the costs to securely transfer data from operators to Google environment (mobile and desktop). Operators can get started by registering on Livn’s website and our sales team will be in touch to walk them through the program.

Skydeck Chicago, Listing powered by Livn

Q: How do group tour planners benefit from Livn and Google’s partnership?

A: Previously, tourism owners were forced to pay a commission to Online Travel Agencies who would own the listings of their products in the program. Through Livn’s integration with Google, operators can list their own websites to group travel planners. Planners will be able to easily recognize operators’ websites as they receive an “Official Site” badge. Livn has already onboarded hundreds of global operators, including local U.S. providers such as Skydeck Chicago, TopView Sightseeing and Liberty Cruise. We are welcoming operators of all sizes into the program.

Steve Martinez
Livn Founder & CCO