When it comes to email lists — quality trumps quantity every time. Here are some simple tips to help you make sure your email lists are engaging the right audiences.  

1. Eliminate errors 

Evaluate your email list and search for any addresses that are incorrect. Common errors can be made when users “opt in” to your lists. Check for typos such as missing at symbols (@), periods (.) or invalid domain names such as “cmo” instead of “com.” 

2. Harness hard bounces 

When you analyze the performance of sent messages, note addresses that were undeliverable or bounced. Hard bounces are addresses with a permanent delivery problem. Remove these addresses from your roster.  

3. Say goodbye to spam 

Analytics will inform you if your message generated a complaint from a recipient. Even users who previously opted to receive emails may choose to mark messages as spam. When this happens, remove them from your lists immediately to keep your reputation intact.  

4. Lose lackluster engagement 

Determine how connected your email recipients are with the messages you send by assessing their activity. If it has been a while since a user has taken action or opened your emails, it is the perfect time to send a re-engagement campaign to ask them their email preferences. While this type of offer may conclude in an unsubscribe response, it also reminds people of your brand and demonstrates you respect their prior involvement with your organization.  

5. Partner with experts 

Email list upkeep requires time and attention. If you are unable to consistently care for your lists, verification tools such as NeverbounceZeroBounce and Mailfloss have scalable fee programs to fit any budget.      

Maintaining a healthy email list is a critical part of your business’ marketing strategy. Keep your database clean to improve email deliverability, protect your reputation and, in the long run, save money by focusing on truly engaged customers.