Las Vegas is situated in the middle of a dessert wilderness with amazing places to see, only two hours from the iconic casino strip. Adventure Photo Tours provides visitors with programs ranging from four-hour to full-day excursions that flaunt the breathtaking natural beauty of the area.

Will Tryon is the owner of Adventure Photo Tours and enjoys guiding visitors through the landscape. “No matter which direction you drive, you learn that Las Vegas is a bustling city remotely placed in the middle of the Southwestern Wilderness,” he said. “When touring through the mountains and deserts, travelers enjoy a different visual experience every 15 minutes. It is a mind-blowing event.”

Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park, Calif.
Credit: Adventure Photo Tours

Drivers provide commentary on all 13 adventures, elevating the experience from a simple sightseeing tour to a fun and informative program.

“Our tours include many stops to allow people to get out of the vehicle do a some exploring, take photos and experience the fabulous surroundings,” Tryon said. 

Several four- to six-hour tour itineraries are popular with visitors seeking a short escape from the city.

“Red Rock Canyon is located just west of the city and is truly a stunning location and one of my favorites.” Tryon said. “The Hoover Dam excursion highlights an engineering marvel with ample time for fabulous views from the top of the dam and the Colorado River. And Valley of Fire, just north of Las Vegas — with its red sandstone formations, arches and hundreds of ancient Anasazi Petroglyphs — is a historian’s and photo buff’s dream come true.”

Science fiction buffs will enjoy the Area 51 Tour. This amazing day winds through some of the most desolate, uninhabited and beautiful parts of the Mohave Desert. After a journey through a Joshua Tree Forest to a spooky and remote dry lake, travelers drive along the Extraterrestrial Highway for lunch at the world-famous Little A’Le’ Inn and of course, lots of time to explore the perimeter of the top-secret Area 51.

Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Las Vegas, Nev.
Credit: Adventure Photo Tours

Full-day tours provide amazing opportunities ranging from a Jet Boat ride down the Colorado River to a helicopter flight to the floor of the Grand Canyon. 

Travelers will leave with an adventure story to share and thrilling memories about their experience exploring the scenic expanse just beyond the shimmering lights of Las Vegas. •

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Article by Michael McLaughlin