Groups traveling along North Carolina’s breathtaking Crystal Coast will delight in the sun, sand, and unforgettable experiences to be found at Emerald Isle. This coastal playground offers plenty of scenic splendor by day and a vibrant night scene to extend the fun when the sun goes down.

Natural Beauty

“Emerald Isle is a picturesque family beach,” says Matt Zapp, town manager. “The amenities will be sure to spoil any beachgoer. The town’s motto is ‘Nice Matters!’ So, bring your loved ones and find out what it truly means to feel welcomed.”

The star of the show is Emerald Isle’s spectacular coastline. The sandy beaches offer a full selection of outdoor activities for your group. Fishing enthusiasts might cast a line from Bogue Inlet Pier or hire a local fishing charter. The peaceful Bogue Sound is a scenic spot to rent a kayak or paddleboard to row away the day with your group.

Adventurous visitors can take advantage of the region’s natural landscape, hiking and biking on well-marked trails. Emerald Isle Woods is a maritime forest where trails wind beneath the lush canopy. McLean Spell Park beckons groups to enjoy picnic lunches on the shores of tranquil ponds and meandering pathways.

No visit would be complete without visiting The Point. The walk to this isolated beach is well worth the unrivaled views of stunning sunsets in which the sky radiates a spectrum of dazzling colors.

Bogue Inlet Pier, Emerald Isle, North Carolina;
Credit: Crystal Coast Tourism Authority
Dining Destination

Emerald Isle eateries offer a dash of local flavor your group won’t soon forget. Begin at Shepard Barbecue, where mouthwatering barbecue and Southern hospitality converge to create a sublime dining experience. Indulge in tender smoked meats and savory sides, all served up with a helping of genuine North Carolina charm.

For a taste of coastal cuisine with a gourmet twist, head to Gaffers Restaurant, where fresh seafood takes center stage in creative dishes that will tantalize the taste buds.

Caribsea, a culinary oasis where Caribbean flavors meet Southern flair, is a place where guests can savor bold and vibrant dishes crafted from the freshest ingredients, all while enjoying panoramic views of the rolling Atlantic Ocean.

Festivals, Fun & Friendly Folks

Emerald Isle offers groups the opportunity to join locals in a full calendar of can’t-miss events. In celebration of the community’s Irish heritage, the annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival is characterized by exciting live performances and entertainment paired with delicious food and beverages.

“Beyond the Emerald Isle’s remarkable dining and breathtaking views, the true essence that sets it apart is its community,” remarks Kyle Lagos, owner of Spinnaker’s Reach Realty. “Uniquely down-to-earth, unbuttoned, relaxed, and approachable, the locals epitomize the authentic charm of the Crystal Coast—all while embracing the laidback comfort of flip-flops.”

Farther Afield

Emerald Isle is situated on the Crystal Coast, which, at 85 miles long, has plenty to offer groups. From browsing art galleries and boutique beachfront shops to hitting the links at award-winning golf courses, there is something for everyone.

Consider sending your group to Beaufort, the third-oldest town in North Carolina. The historic district offers beautiful examples of Bahamian architecture—including Hammock House, known as the home of notorious pirate Blackbeard. His ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, is in 20 feet of water just off Fort Macon Park.

By Michael McLaughlin

Main Image: A Crystal Coach Beach, North Carolina; Credit: Crystal Coast Tourism Authority