Medora Musical

Authentically midwestern and North Dakotan, the Medora Musical is performed live and outside under the Badlands sky in the 2,900-seat Burning Hills Amphitheatre. The show features live horses on stage, a salute to 26th President Theodore Roosevelt, and a big patriotic ending with fireworks.

“Although these parts are in the show each year, one thing that does change is the theme,” said Kaelee Knoell, marketing and communications specialist for Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation. “The 2019 theme is ‘Be Legendary,’ which strives to encourage people to work for their dreams in a place where hard work and dedication can maximize your potential. This is focused on North Dakota’s new slogan, ‘Be Legendary.’”

Groups familiar with the show will see a change in 2020 with a new co-host, as 2019 is Bill Sorensen’s last year. The show always takes groups through the well-known and the less-well-known legends who make up Medora’s past.

“We hope guests leave the Medora Musical feeling like they just experienced an authentic piece of the American Midwest steeped in the history of Theodore Roosevelt and his life in the Badlands, as well as enriched in the history of North Dakota and Medora’s past,” Knoell said. “Most of all, we want them to feel excited about Medora, the old west and North Dakota, and we want them to take that excitement with them where they go.”

Groups also have the option to add dinner at the Pitchfork Steak Fondue with a buffet before the show. Chefs load steaks onto pitchforks and fondue them western style. Visitors savor their steak as they overlook the picturesque Badlands from atop a bluff at the Tjaden Terrance. “Our Group Sales team is the best place for groups to book their Pitchfork Steak Fondue and Medora Musical tickets,” Knoell said. “Medora loves to host groups and share the adventure of the Midwest, the history of Theodore Roosevelt, the entertainment of our shows, and the beauty of the Badlands with each and every group that visits.”

For more information, call 800-633-6721, ext. 8826, or visit