As the only statewide organization marketing Colorado to domestic tour operators and group travel leaders, Tour Colorado’s goal is to increase the packaged travel market to Colorado.

“All Tour Colorado members are tour and travel professionals who promote this beautiful state,” said Julianne Fredrick, director at Tour Colorado. “Our members represent visitor and convention bureaus, chambers of commerce and resort organizations, tour operators and receptive operators, guide services, lodging, attractions, restaurants and transportation.”

We chatted with Frederick to learn more about the organization and what groups can expect from a visit to the state.

Mesa Verde National Park, Colo.
Credit: Matthew Inden/Miles

Q. What makes Colorado a great place for a group tour?

A. It’s Colorado — we’ve got it all! We have so much diversity in our offerings. We have big, wide-open spaces for those groups desiring outdoor-focused itineraries. We have four national parks, 42 state parks and so many beautiful views!

Our national monuments and scenic byways are also open for exploration. We have historic trains, chuckwagon dinners, museums and many other activities groups will love. And, of course, our Colorado hospitality!

Q. How can Tour Colorado assist tour operators in planning their Colorado tours?

A. We can assist with itinerary planning and connecting the operators with the right people to create the perfect group itinerary. We also have our Tour Colorado Planning Guide and Tour Colorado website, which are great resources for tour operators.

Q. Are you noticing any trends in group travel to Colorado right now?

A. We’ve noticed some smaller groups, which allows them the opportunity to get into different, more unique places, like hitting the state parks or going into more secluded areas because they don’t have as many people.

But we are also seeing operators bringing full buses again, so we’re really seeing a range, in terms of group size. We’re just seeing the numbers of groups steadily climbing back, and that’s great!

Q. Is there anything new in Colorado that groups should know about?

A. The Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway is open again after being closed for several years because of construction. We also have a new luxury train called the Rocky Mountaineer, and that’s running from Denver, Colorado, to Moab, Utah, with a stop in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. It is absolutely amazing! There’s also the new United States Olympic & Paralympic Museum in Colorado Springs.

Q. How is Tour Colorado involved in the Care for Colorado Coalition? How can group travelers help preserve the natural beauty of the state? 

A. We are Care for Colorado Stewardship Partners. Group travelers and travel leaders can help by following the Care for Colorado Leave No Trace Principals. We’re trying to get this information into the operators’ hands so they can share it with their guests. 

Q. What else do you want tour operators to know right now?

A. Our warm, friendly Colorado is open for business, and we look forward to having everyone visit our state soon!

For more information about Tour Colorado, call 888-401-4330 or visit