Long Beach, Washington has the World’s Longest Beach and a host of exciting group tour itineraries.

On the coast of Washington State is the small town of Long Beach with big experiences for groups! Ragan Myers, Tourism and Events Coordinator for Long Beach Package Travel said “In addition to 28 miles of gorgeous shoreline, 10 museums, and award-winning dining, we offer nearly 20 thoughtfully crafted itineraries. And we include concierge style assistance for groups that overnight in Long Beach.” Myers helps tour operators find group rates for lodging, dining, and customizes itineraries. She even helps plan a Mayor’s Red-Carpet Welcome. When a tour bus arrives, she rolls out a 6-foot red carpet before visitors disembarking the bus are greeted by the mayor or other community representatives. “Guests have giggled as they step off the bus, saying they feel like royalty. In a way, they are,” said Myers. “Each group of visitors is important to our community.”

Museum Tours – Rolling Old School

Photo: Northwest Carriage Museum
Northwest Carriage Museum Group Tour, Raymond, Wash.

There are ten museums in the Long Beach area, each offering unique tours. At the Northwest Carriage Museum groups can get up close to 25 restored horse-drawn vehicles including a carriage used in the famous movie “Gone with the Wind”! Be sure to get your camera out for a photo as you try on a bonnet, buckskin vest, or climb into a Democrat wagon to have a ‘pioneer moment’. For more museum options visit longbeachpackagetravel.com.

Agricultural and Culinary Tours

Photo: Skamokawa Farmstead Creamery
Skamokawa Farmstead Creamery, Skamokawa, Wash.

Tour ranches, creameries, cranberry bogs and oyster farms. One of the newer tours available is at the Skamokawa Farmstead Creamery. The creamery tour includes opportunities to meet and play with baby goats, explore the milking parlor, watch the artisan cheesemaking process, tastings and time to shop. Groups will love the fresh flavors of locally sourced cranberry goat cheese and their famous Apple Bourbon Cajeta. The creamery is one of four culinary tours to experience.


Domingo Damian, left, and Leonel Vazquez feed cranberries to an underwater suction pump that carries them to a truck as the cranberry harvest begins at Cranguyma Farms in Long Beach. bill wagner photo. 10-8-02

Visit the Cranberry Museum and bogs that tell the story of the mighty cranberry. This berry has been around for centuries, as the Native Americans would use them to flavor their dried Salmon for their winter’s meal. Groups can enjoy walking tours, and delicious cranberry treats like ice cream, teas and so much more. The gift shop is a celebration of this sweet tart mighty berry.

Long Beach, Washington

Photo: Long Beach Package Travel
World’s Longest Beach Archway, Long Beach, Wash.

Learn more, hear historical stories of Lewis and Clark and The Corps of Discovery. Walk in the footsteps of 32 adults and one toddler as they faced their most dangerous foe of the three-year trip. Share a farm to table dinner in the woods. See where these explorers met the people of this country. View artifacts of the Native Americans and relics of the Expedition. The beach is just the beginning there’s a peninsula awaiting.

Long Beach Package Travel
Attn: Ragan Myers
Tourism & Events Coordinator