Welcome to Marietta, Georgia. Its proximity to downtown Atlanta and its quick access to the North Georgia mountains make Marietta the perfect destination for group tours. Experience Marietta’s Southern charm while indulging in delicious cuisine, or by discovering the city’s rich history at one of many museums. While groups are exploring town, they can shop locally owned shops and boutiques, and bring back a piece of Marietta for loved ones, or have it serve as a reminder to come back and visit. Groups will quickly see that Marietta offers something for everyone.

Marietta Visitors Bureau shared these four spots for groups to experience everything the unique Georgia city has to offer.

William Root House Museum & Garden

Photo: Marietta Visitors Bureau
William Root House Museum & Garden, Marietta, Ga.

Take a tour of the historic William Root House Museum & Garden, which offers a glimpse at the lives of an 1850s merchant and his family. This modest 1840s house is more typical of its time and place than the grand plantations and columned mansions popularized by Gone With the Wind. 

Marietta Gone With the Wind Museum

Photo: Marietta Visitors Bureau
Marietta Gone With the Wind Museum, Marietta, Ga.

Step back in time to Atlanta during the Civil War and Reconstruction at the Marietta Gone With the Wind Museum. The museum is a must-see for fans of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel and Academy Award-winning film. The museum is a top stop for tourists wanting to explore the South’s antebellum history.

Marietta Square

Photo: Marietta Visitors Bureau
Marietta Square, Marietta, Ga.

Experience the beauty of Marietta while exploring Marietta Square, where groups will find delicious food, gorgeous scenery and friendly locals. The square offers visitors the charm of a small city along with a stimulating urban environment. With nearly 30 restaurants, groups are sure to find something to tempt the taste buds.

Marietta Museum of History

Photo: Marietta Visitors Bureau
Marietta Museum of History, Marietta, Ga.

Take a step back in time and discover the history of Marietta and Georgia’s Cobb County at the Marietta Museum of History. The museum houses multiple galleries and exhibits featuring collections on Marietta’s general history, home life and the military. Guided tours are offered for groups of 10 or more.

Marietta Visitors Bureau