Worthington, just north of Columbus, is situated in the center of Ohio — at the intersection of U.S. 23 and State Route 161. Steeped in New England tradition, Worthington is a vibrant community with a variety of activities and attractions for group tours.

“We’re proud of Worthington’s friendly, small-town welcome,” said Elizabeth Dekker, tourism director. “Visitors and residents love our walkable historic city center lined with pubs, coffee shops, bakeries, wine stores, studios and shops. There’s plenty to do for all ages, whether you’re staying for an afternoon, a day or a full weekend. You can stroll our parks, tour museums and historic sites, discover art galleries, enjoy a pint at our local brewery or experience the many makers and craftsmen.”

Experience Worthington Convention and Visitors Bureau


The Candle Lab Worthington
The Candle Lab, Worthington, Ohio
Credit: Experience Worthington

Play around with scents at The Candle Lab in Worthington. Scent stylists guide groups in pouring custom-scented soy candles. The Candle Lab has more than 120 unique scents. While the candles set (about an hour), stroll next door to House Wine or enjoy a meal at one of many great neighboring restaurants.


Highline Coffee Shop Worthington
Highline Coffee Co, Shift Studios and Branch Line Leather Co., Worthington, Ohio
Credit: Experience Worthington

Visit the collaborative space at Highline Coffee Co., Shift Studios and Branch Line Leather Co. Highline offers hot and cold locally roasted coffee creations, tea, smoothies and pastries. The modern, handmade jewelry at Shift Studios incorporates reclaimed materials with quality craftsmanship and design. Branch Line Leather offers customers the option to design and customize a unique, handmade leather article.


Printing press at Igloo Letterpress
Igloo Letterpress, Worthington, Ohio
Credit: Experience Worthington

Head to Igloo Letterpress to make something together. Learn how to hand-set antique hand-carved wooden type. Explore how a variety of factors help create textures, colors and impressions. Use Igloo’s collection of type and vintage images to print a project to take home, create a personalized piece or hand-bind a journal.


American Whistle whistles Worthington
The American Whistle Corporation, Worthington, Ohio
Credit: Experience Worthington

Take a guided tour of The American Whistle Corporation, the only manufacturer of metal whistles in the United States. The 45-minute tour of the plant includes interesting information about whistles and fascinating machinery — some state of the art and some dating to the beginning of the company. Everyone leaves with a shiny new “American Classic” whistle.