Since its official opening in 2012, The Neon Museum has remained dedicated to collecting, preserving, studying and exhibiting iconic Las Vegas signs for historic, artistic and cultural enrichment. It now welcomes more than 200,000 annual visitors from around the world who are drawn by the allure of Nevada’s most famous art form.

In 2019, The Neon Museum celebrated the passage of Nevada Assembly Bill 182, which officially made neon the state element of Nevada.

 “Make no mistake — this is the Silver State and it always will be,” said Rob McCoy, president and chief executive officer of The Neon Museum. “But I think there is a significant case to be made that neon has been a more powerful business additive to the Nevada economy than silver and gold combined. Of course, here in Southern Nevada, neon put the ‘fabulous’ in ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas.’ But it was the neon light form — the element — that captured the world’s imagination.”

Neon Museum
Neon Museum, Las Vegas, Nev.
Credit: Jeremy Thompson

Dedicated individuals from the private sector, as well as corporate and government entities, worked collaboratively to promote the preservation of the significant pieces of artistic and historical importance.

Groups may view The Neon Museum collection through either an hour-long guided tour or a self-guided tour, and both day and night tours are offered. Night tours feature the neon of 11 restored signs, as well as the dramatically lit un-restored signs.

On its 2.27-acre campus, The Neon Museum houses an outdoor exhibition space known as the Neon Boneyard; “boneyard” is traditionally the name for an area where items no longer in use are stored.

“Brilliant!” is a show that redefines the way groups explore the history of Las Vegas. The magical experience, created by artist Craig Winslow, transports visitors into history through sight and sound. The North Gallery is home to the nighttime augmented-reality, audiovisual spectacle.

FThe museum collection also includes nine restored signs installed as public art throughout downtown Las Vegas and one restored sign on view at the outdoor Fashion Show Plaza on the Las Vegas Strip.

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