A visit to New York City looks a little different for every traveler. For some that might mean visiting Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, the Empire State Building, Central Park, and Broadway. But for those cultural travelers looking to have a unique NYC experience, there are countless ways to dive into the local boroughs, eat the local food, and meet the local people. 

Rubin Museum of Art
Credit: Filip Wolak

Helping travelers find their own NYC is what the new New York City Borough Pass strives to do, showcasing a whole world off of Fifth Avenue. The pass offers access to New York’s iconic attractions and the opportunity for travelers to immerse themselves in the neighborhoods of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. 

“I set my mind to figuring out a way to really communicate the value proposition that exists outside of Manhattan or the traditional tourism spots,” says John Marshall, chief stewardship officer of the New York City Borough Pass. “People really want to get in and do what the locals are doing, learn the local cultures, and eat the local foods. In New York City, there’s such an opportunity for that because there’s not one local culture. New York City culture is so many different types of ethnicities, nationalities, and so many other types of cultures.” 

Museum at Eldrige Street, Eldridge Street Synagogue Credit: Peter Aaron

Marshall’s hope is that people will use the pass to visit specific locations in the boroughs, but end up spending the day there and finding what else the borough has to offer. 

The pass currently includes 15 experiences sprinkled throughout the boroughs, 13 of which are brick-and-mortar locations, and two are performing art venues. The pass provides admission to museums and cultural sites, plus discounts at the two performing arts venues. Experiences include: 

  • City Reliquary Museum, Brooklyn 
  • Staten Island Children’s Museum, Staten Island 
  • The Noble Maritime Collection, Staten Island 
  • Alice Austen House, Staten Island 
  • Fraunces Tavern Museum, Manhattan 
  • Rubin Museum of Art, Manhattan 
  • Dyckman Farmhouse Museum, Manhattan 
  • Museum at Eldridge Street, Manhattan 
  • Amateur Night at the Apollo, Manhattan 
  • Repertorio Español, Manhattan 
  • King Manor Museum, Queens 
  • Moma Psi, Queens 
  • Lewis H. Latimer House, Queens 
  • Van Cortlandt House Museum, The Bronx 
  • New York City Botanical Garden, The Bronx 

Marshall and his team continue to add new experiences and locations to the pass regularly. 

Travelers can purchase different types of passes depending on how much time they have for exploring. Once a traveler purchases the pass of their choice, they get a text message confirmation and can download the pass to their phone’s home screen for quick access when visiting locations. 

Written by Danielle Devota
Featured Image: Apollo Theater; Credit: NYC Borough Pass