Last month, Quarryhill Botanical Garden in Glen Ellen, California, changed its name to Sonoma Botanical Garden and welcomed an enhanced mission.

“The newly rechristened Sonoma Botanical Garden has broadened its mission to embrace the cultivation and interpretation of the flora of California in addition to its historic focus on Asian plants,” said Scot Medbury, executive director of the garden. “The enhanced mission enables the garden to share gardening information that is even more relevant to Western gardeners, by exhibiting drought-tolerant natives and fire-safe practices.”

Credit: Mark Hullinger

Founded in 1987 by Jane Davenport Jansen, the garden was named Quarryhill after the former sandstone quarry on a portion of the attraction. The original name’s legacy will survive in that section of the garden.

The internationally acclaimed, wild Asian woodland garden boasts 67 acres, home to an extensive collection of flowering Asian plants. Today, groups will also enjoy California plants and more areas to explore at the garden.

A number of Sonoma Botanical Garden features received a makeover as well. The historic stone walls were restored, and facility buildings were renovated — among other improvements.

Medbury noted any time of year provides beautiful and one-of-a-kind views for visitors. “Spring is spectacular, as is autumn for fall color,” Medbury said.

The garden is open but has temporarily suspended group tours. Groups should stop by the gift shop to find a selection of body and home goods.

“At present, the garden offers self-guided tours in hilly terrain through 23 acres of flowering Asian plants,” Medbury said.