A whale sighting is guaranteed on every trip into the Monterey Bay waters with Discovery Whale Watch, a cruise company offering views of nature’s magnificent mammals.

“Our main focus is on whales and due to the unique underwater features here in Monterey Bay, we have the opportunity to see many different species throughout the year,” said Britt Simon, fleet manager at Discovery Whale Watch.

Located in Monterey Bay, California, Discovery Whale Watch was a long-time dream of owners John Mayer and Matthew Arcoleo. The pair purchased a spot on Old Fisherman’s Wharf and began their company in 2017. Today, Discovery Whale Watch consists of a close team of experienced captains, marine biologists, naturalists, deckhands and office staff.

Three-and-a-half to four-hour morning whale watching trips and two-and-a-half to three-hour afternoon whale watching trips are available year-round.

Different species are visible dependent on the time of year; in the summertime, humpbacks enjoy their feeding ground in the Monterey Bay. Groups might even see breaching (or jumping) humpbacks. Also in the summer, viewers may get to see the biggest animal on the planet — the blue whale.

Credit: Slater Moore, Eric Austin Yee, Pete Naik

“During the winter months, we see thousands of gray whales pass up and down our coastline as they migrate back and forth between their summertime home in Alaska and their wintertime breeding home in Baja, Mexico,” Simon said.

In addition to these animals, a trip might just include sightings of killer whales, seven different species of dolphins, sea lions, unique seabirds, fish and sharks.

“Every day is a unique experience and you could go out a dozen times and not have the same trip twice,” Simon said.

Discovery Whale Watch is noted for providing intimate excursions hosted by a friendly and knowledgeable crew. Each group is sent out with a marine biologist/naturalist who is well-educated on the region.

The company is also dedicated to preserving the ocean’s integrity. Groups will not only see wildlife, but learn about it and how to protect it.

Discovery Whale Watch’s vessels generally carry between 30 to 50 people on a tour, though the vessels are able to accommodate higher capacities.

“We like to have extra room for people to be able to move around when viewing the animals,” Simon said.

For more information call 831-372-7064 or go to discoverywhalewatch.com.