There is something for everyone in Omaha, Nebraska, home to a diverse culinary scene, rich performing arts venues, green spaces for gathering, and plenty more things to do and see—in addition to a 72-acre, newly revitalized riverfront park in the heart of downtown Omaha.

Omaha offers abundant opportunities for group tours and is ready to wow your travelers. Hear from some of Visit Omaha’s partners—from the owners of an Irish pub to a local tour coordinator—as they highlight their offerings and why they can’t wait to host your group.

Brazen Head Irish Pub

Teri Ochoa, owner 

Brazen Head offers a warm and cozy ambiance that captures the essence of a cozy Irish pub. It’s a unique place for people to relax and enjoy great food. Since tour guests often spend their days exploring, the tavern takes great pleasure in offering them a place to kick back and enjoy themselves—so come hungry!

“We love watching the tour guests experience one of our boxty dishes,” Ochoa says. “A boxty is an authentic Irish dish that dates back to the 1700s. It consists of baked potato-based pancakes we wrap around various seafood, meats, cheeses and veggies. We top them with a delicious, homemade cream sauce to make them extra indulgent. They are delicious!”

The Brazen Head team also enjoys observing visitors explore the pub. Many visitors find a connection with the Irish decor, reflecting on their own experiences during their time there. Ochoa says the tavern staff feel privileged to be part of groups’ new, cherished memories.

Father Flanagan's Boys' Home
Father Flanagan’s Boys’ Home
Photo courtesy of Visit Omaha

Boys Town

Christa Monti, visitor and tour coordinator

Boys Town, a child and family care organization, offers groups another feel-good stop. Many tour groups are excited to learn about Father Flanagan’s humble beginnings and see 100-plus years of history come to life as they tour the campus. Guests will leave with an overwhelming sense of hope after learning about the ways in which Boys Town continues to provide support for children and their families. 

In addition to seeing the wonderful historical sites on the Boys Town campus, guests can also visit the “World’s Largest Ball of Stamps.” Boys Town is home to this unusual “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” attraction: A huge ball of stamps weighing 600 pounds and comprising over 4.6 million postage stamps. 

The Hall of History Museum also proudly displays the Oscar Award statue that Spencer Tracy won for his portrayal of Father Flanagan in the 1938 movie, “Boys Town.” In addition, guests can see an Olympic torch, a Fabergé Egg, an Emmy Award statue, and a baseball autographed by Babe Ruth, all of which have unique ties to Boys Town’s history.

Many of the campus’s visitors have personal connections to Boys Town, whether their parents faithfully donated $5 every year at Christmas, or they know someone who benefited from the organization’s services. As tour guides, the staff at Boys Town often witness happy tears. This visit touches guests in a profound way. 

St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church
St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church
Photo courtesy of Visit Omaha

St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church

Elizabeth Haddad, tour co-chair

St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church is Omaha’s only Byzantine-style Christian church and a city landmark. Staff at the church are proud of the beauty of the structure, their religion, the church’s rich heritage, and the community in which it serves. 

Tours of the church present information on local historical architecture, the Christian religion, Hellenic culture, and Greek food. After enjoying a wonderful lunch or dinner, visitors are encouraged to participate in a group Greek dance. The most improved dancer receives a prize. Prizes are also presented to the people with the most grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren. 

“I’m always amazed at the connections we can make in just a few hours,” says Haddad. “Our group tour guests are so much fun. When they go, it feels like saying goodbye to old friends.” 

Visit Omaha

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Folk singer at Brazen Head Irish Pub
Photo courtesy of Visit Omaha