Elkhart County offers a treasure trove of rural landscapes that blend with echoes of the past in abundant green spaces. Visit the oldest continually operating grist mill at Bonneyville Mill, nestled amongst the hiking and mountain biking trails in the park that surrounds it. Elsewhere, the rivers that crisscross Elkhart County offer bountiful opportunities for boating, kayaking, and swimming in waterways that once powered industry. The system of biking trails is also powered by echoes of the past thanks to the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail that tracks a reclaimed rail line.

The county comes together every summer to create the Quilt Gardens, super-sized plots that burst with color and connect past and present. Quilt patterns of amazing intricacy and simple beauty that recall the area’s history are rendered in vibrant colors of flowers and plants. The Quilt Gardens are a love letter by residents to each other and visitors. Free for all, the Quilt Gardens are an invitation to rest, linger, and soak in the good life.

artist at pottery wheel - Elkhart County CVB
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The region’s history of innovation and creativity has resulted in experiences that stimulate all the senses. Elkhart County’s community of makers work their magic, creating heirloom-quality quilts, fabric art, wooden furniture, functional pottery, and more. The county’s kitchens turn out memorable meals, treats, and beverages for every taste. Groups will love visiting authentically Amish businesses, including a buggy-maker, coffin-maker, a one-room schoolhouse, and camel farmer. See how they create and sell products to serve the local Amish community and beyond.

Amish wagon - Elkhart County CVB
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The story of Elkhart County is told along the Heritage Trail, a one-of-a-kind experience that stitches together tales of entrepreneurs and innovators building their dreams with the rural beauty and rich farmland that attracted the Amish to create one of the largest settlements in the U.S.

Amish dinner - Elkhart County CVB
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Each generation to come of age in Elkhart County brought their own culinary traditions and flavors. From country favorites found at every Amish dinner table to the global flavors from all over the world, there’s a reason that some call a visit to Elkhart County the “10-Pound Tour.”

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