The fertile soil and mild climate of the Salem area inspired the Oregon Trail pioneers to look for this “Eden.”  The region is a beautiful blend of natural beauty with epic waterfalls, lush forests, rolling hills of vineyards and farmland and spectacular gardens. Woven throughout this grandeur is a vibrant history and culture that lives on today through museums, events and performing arts. 

Salem is a pleasant mix of urban living with small town charm. A patchwork of enchanting rural communities border Salem and help the destination’s diversity shine through German, Mexican and Native American influences. The agricultural offerings ensure the freshest farm to table cuisine and Salem’s award-winning wineries are a destination unto themselves. 

So, if you’re coming to Oregon, why not stay in the most Oregon part of it?

Travel Salem


Travel Salem Deepwood Museum in the Fall Ron Cooper
Travel Salem Deepwood Museum in the Fall
Photo: Ron Cooper

Salem is Oregon’s capital city, so understandably history is a big part of life here. Whether you’re watching governance at the Capitol or enjoying an afternoon tea at the Historic Deepwood Museum, you can’t help but soak in the history of the region.  The Methodist Missionaries, the Hudson Bay Trappers, the Oregon Trail Pioneers and the indigenous people all share stories throughout Salem’s architecture, museums, events and location names such as “Willamette,” “Illahee” and “Chemeketa.”


Travel Salem Dancer World Beat
World Beat Festival dancer

Salem’s cultures are celebrated through the World Beat Festival, Oregon’s largest multicultural event, with 125 performances and 70 cultures represented for two days each summer. The Woodburn Fiesta Mexicana features authentic food and music and celebrates the end of harvest; and Mt. Angel also celebrates the end of harvest as well as their German heritage with its annual Oktoberfest.  Your tastebuds will thank you for gifting them with this international cuisine extravaganza.


Travel Salem wine people
Wining and dining in Salem

The Salem region is home to vineyards and wineries whose wines compete with the finest vintages of Europe’s Alsace, Burgundy and Rhine regions.

The soil, weather and the gentle, sunny slopes allow the grapes to ripen slowly; developing the delectable flavors required for world-class wines. By world standards, the region’s largest wineries are small but the wines they produce are exceptional.  Meeting the winemaker is easy to do in these intimate settings.


Travel Salem Shopping Kelly James
Travel Salem Shopping
Photo: Kelly James

Because Oregon doesn’t have a sales tax, many groups take advantage of that and make shopping part of their itinerary.

The Salem region offers a huge variety of retail options. You can select unique Salem historic downtown shopping with boutiques and specialty shops, small town shops or large outlets and malls. This is a great way for your group to stretch their legs and be on their own to experience the destination.


Travel Salem Silver Falls State Park Hiker Zak Stone
Silver Falls State Park
Photo: Zak Stone

It’s no secret that Oregon is a global destination for natural wonders and the Salem region has an abundance of spectacular natural attractions including waterfalls, rivers, old-growth forests, rolling hills of lush agricultural crops and wildlife refuges, to name a few. All of these splendors can be viewed from a coach or by walks that are easily accessible.