Heather Anderson has worked as the director of Visit Greeley for two years, but she has lived in the Greeley area for almost five years. She first stumbled upon this beautiful community as a tourist, which then inspired her to attend the University of Northern Colorado and become immersed in the city and its tourism industry. We chatted with Anderson to learn more about what group tours can expect when they visit Greeley, Colorado.

Q. How would you describe Greeley to someone who has never visited before?

A. Greeley can be best described as an eclectic combination of the past and present, thriving off a passionate community of dreamers and innovators. Here in Greeley, anyone and everyone will find a sense of identity within the city’s vibrant culture, history, and beauty.

Q. What makes Greeley a great place for group tours?

A. Greeley has so many things to explore—from historical sites, curated artifact collections, outdoor spaces, art galleries, the list could go on. The best part about the Greeley community is the people who you meet during your visit. The locals welcome travelers with open arms and are passionate about providing an atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Greeley Stampede
Greeley Stampede
Photo courtesy of Heather Anderson, Visit Greeley

Q. How does Visit Greeley help tour operators plan their group tours?

A. Visit Greeley has a fully operational website through which people can request information about all things Greeley either via mail, email, or in person. Along with this, Visit Greeley has coordinated with members of the community to provide informational packets for flagship events here in the city, the biggest being the Greeley Stampede. The staff here at Visit Greeley are excited and ready to answer any questions from inquiring visitors.

Q. Are there areas, themes, or activities you would like to promote to group tours?

A. Greeley truly is history brought to life by the innovations of the present and future. Private group tours are available at all museums here in the city. Centennial Village, Meeker Home Museum, and Greeley History Museum are havens for the sharing of our city’s history. Along with this, Greeley is home to the 21-mile Poudre River Trail and 45 neighborhood and community parks that represent all of Greeley’s natural beauty and history.

Kayaking Poudre Ponds
Kayaking Poudre Ponds
Photo courtesy of Heather Anderson, Visit Greeley

Q. What’s your long-term outlook for group tours in Greeley?

A. Greeley is growing faster than ever and is excited to welcome tourists from all over the globe. The city has come together to create a variety of resources equipped to welcome group tourism. There is something to explore around every corner of the city, and we can’t wait to have your group visit.

Q. Is there anything new or upcoming in Greeley that group tours should know about?

A. The Greeley History Museum and Centennial Village have a constant influx of new exhibits that highlight life here on the plains, the early days of Greeley, and so much more! The world-renowned Greeley Stampede—featuring the tradition of rodeos, the fun of incredible concerts, and the nostalgia of carnivals—most recently celebrated its 101st anniversary, and the countdown has already started for next year’s festivities. The LINC Library Innovation Center has been a great addition to the Greeley community. The space features a huge collection of great reads as well as a maker space where folks of all ages can find something to spark a new interest. Greeley has something new to explore every day!

Q. Is there anything else our audience of tour operators should know about Greeley?

A. The Greeley community is a vibrant hub of life, culture, history, and creativity that is excited to welcome all tourists. We are sure you will love it!