Philadelphia, known colloquially as Philly, is the second-largest city on the east coast. With such historic appeal and ideal proximity to other popular group destinations, it’s easy to see why Philadelphia is a top choice for tour planners. Plan a whirlwind adventure at the following three iconic attractions.

Museum of the American Revolution

Credit: Museum of the American Revolution

From the early stirrings of rebellion to the creation of an American nation, Museum of the American Revolution brings to life the events, people and ideals that created a new nation against incredible odds. A new special exhibition, “When Women Lost the Vote: A Revolutionary Story, 1776-1807,” is coming in August 2020. Did you know, more than 100 years before the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment granting women’s suffrage, women legally voted in New Jersey? Or that their right to vote was taken away in 1807? Discover a generation of women voters and how their stories influenced the women’s rights movements of later generations.

Contact: Alison English

National Constitution Center

Credit: National Constitution Center

Experience the Museum of We the People. Located just steps from Independence Hall where the Constitution was signed, the National Constitution Center brings together people of all ages and perspectives, across America and around the world, to learn about, debate, and celebrate the greatest human vision of freedom in history, the U.S. Constitution. With interactive exhibits, rare artifacts, priceless documents and moving theatrical performances, the National Constitution Center is Philadelphia’s premier group visit destination.

Contact: Gina Romanelli

One Liberty Observation Deck

Credit: One Liberty Observation Deck

One Liberty Observation Deck welcomes guests from all over the world to see Philly like never before.   As Philadelphia’s tallest attraction, the Observation Deck provides “eyemazing” 360-degree views of Philadelphia and beyond, presenting a new view of “Philly From The Top.” The interactive environment teaches you about your view from every direction, providing a comprehensive multi-lingual educational experience in French, German, Spanish, Mandarin and English. Perfect for all your groups, and your FIT customers when visiting Philadelphia, One Liberty Observation Deck is an experience not to be missed! Take one of the Private Guided Tours, curated by Philadelphia experts, and explore what makes Philadelphia the most important city in American History.

Contact: Diane Meglino

Suggested Itineraries

Take your group on a whirlwind journey from the American Revolution to the birth of “We the People.” At the Museum of the American Revolution, explore the personal stories of the men and women who fought for America’s independence. Continue your journey at the National Constitution Center as you discover how 13 newly independent states became one nation of “We the People” and complete your experience 57 floors above street level at one of Philly’s newest and tallest attractions, One Liberty Observation Deck. Check out these sample itineraries, available to both students and adults.