World of Coca-Cola is the fun and refreshing place for your group to make memories with friends and take selfies with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear! Located in the heart of downtown Atlanta’s bustling entertainment district and adjacent to Centennial Olympic Park, World of Coca-Cola is ideally situated for group fun and offers something for everyone to enjoy. Discover this one-of-a-kind attraction and experience these 5 must-see exhibits.

1. Milestones of Refreshment

Photo: World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta, Ga.

Explore the fascinating story of The Coca‑Cola Company in an engaging walk through history. From its origins in Atlanta in 1886 to its global reach today touching the lives of billions around the world, Coca-Cola is rich in history and expansive in scope. A series of 10 galleries brings the rich history of The Coca‑Cola Company to life through exhibits featuring some of its most prized possessions such as a circa 1880s soda fountain, 1939 delivery truck from Argentina and the Coca‑Cola contour bottle.

2. Coca-Cola Polar Bear Meet & Greet

Photo: World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta, Ga.

Meet and have your photo taken with a beloved character, the Coca-Cola Polar Bear! Use your own camera to take a group picture with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear or have the image specialists capture the moment.

3. Vault of the Secret Formula

Photo: World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta, Ga.

Visit the vault where the legendary secret formula for Coca‑Cola is secured. Regarded as one of the most closely guarded and best-kept secrets, the secret formula for Coca‑Cola represents over 130 years of history, special moments, memories and the timeless appeal associated with Coca‑Cola. Now groups can get closer to the famous secret formula than ever before!

4. Taste It!

Photo: World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta, Ga.

Treat your taste buds to a trip around the world! Here you can taste more than 100 international and domestic beverages made by The Coca‑Cola Company. There are five tasting stations arranged geographically – Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. Each station offers different beverages to sample that are unique to that region.

5. Coca-Cola Store

Photo: World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta, Ga.

Take the excitement and memory of Coca‑Cola home with you. Coca‑Cola Store offers a vast array of merchandise including decorative items, apparel, accessories and one-of-a-kind art pieces — many of which are unique to the store.

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