Bright neon lights are often associated with cities such as New York or London. But perhaps the best-known location for flashing neon signs is Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s the city’s history and connection with neon that The Neon Museum has memorialized for visitors.

“There is no backdrop in Las Vegas like The Neon Museum for photos, memories, or nostalgia,” says Aaron Berger, executive director of The Neon Museum. “Whether you are looking for the history of Las Vegas or you’re just looking for that perfect photograph, you’re going to find it here.”

The Neon Museum has more than 250 neon signs on display at the museum, and it also partners with the city of Las Vegas to direct visitors toward iconic signs located throughout the city, such as The Silver Slipper and the La Cienda Horsemen. Of the 250 signs on display, 22 are lit at night for evening tours.

The Neon Museum
Credit: The Neon Museum

Visitors to the museum walk through the Neon Boneyard, a re-creation of where sign manufacturers stored old signs to use as parts for new signs. Over 200 signs of the museum’s collection are stored there. The museum also features a gallery where signs beyond repair have been brought to life using projection mapping, all set to an iconic Las Vegas-style soundtrack from 24 speakers.

While visitors get a great look at iconic Las Vegas signage, the museum recognizes the stories, history, and culture of Las Vegas that the signs tell. “We have some people who have been coming to Las Vegas for years so they’re coming to sort of relive their memories,” Berger says. “Or, we have people who are fascinated with learning about the civil rights movement out West. People tend to align them- selves with some of our stories.”

Neon Museum
The Neon Museum
Credit: The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum offers special rates for groups, which are limited to 22-25 people. Tours typically last 45 minutes. Some of the most popular tours include The Neon Boneyard Tour; Brilliant Jackpot Tour, which includes a tour of the audiovisual gallery; or the newest addition—the Neon Night Flight Spectacular, where groups take a helicopter ride around the city, followed by a tour of the museum.

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Main Image and Credit: The Neon Museum

Article by Danielle DeVota