Lying on a mountain valley with the towering Wasatch Mountains set as a backdrop, Salt Lake City is a vibrant, active urban environment. Utah’s capital city offers exciting and creative dining, nightlife and cultural arts — complementing the long-time classics that anchor Utah’s proud western heritage.

Salt Lake was once home to the ancient Pueblo people. Today, it is a bustling region home to over a million people and still boasts its rich history of the Pueblo people, Mormon pioneers and so much more.

 “This ‘Crossroads of the West’ is the ideal group destination, both for its unique offerings and unique accessibility to countless national parks, state parks and heritage sites,” said Michael Mack, Visit Salt Lake’s director of strategic partnerships. “Come and see Salt Lake, where mountains meet metropolitan.”

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Credit: Austen Diamond

The architecturally-stunning Natural History Museum of Utah celebrates both the state’s natural and cultural heritage. Of course, there are dinosaurs — many of which are unique to the state — but the wonders of Utah’s geology, archeology, ecology and Native American cultures also are on display in state-of-the-art exhibits. The museum also is an active research institution.


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Perfect for groups, The Gateway’s HallPass is Utah’s first food hall, a one-of-a-kind, fast-fine dining experience. There’s something for everyone in this innovative food hub; from ramen to fresh seafood and succulent salads to sweet and savory waffles, crepes and coffee. HallPass is sure to please all groups with traditional, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options available.


Credit: Austen Diamond

The Family History Library at Temple Square is the largest library of its kind, attracting many from around the world to discover information about their ancestors. Founded in 1894, the library holds records and genealogical data for over 3 billion deceased ancestors from around the globe. Experienced researchers provide a unique and personal experience to help visitors discover their familial past.


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Located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake, City Creek Center offers a mix of luxury retailers, unique-to-market stores and trusted brands. It is a must-see with a fully tractable glass roof, waterfalls and a creek that runs through the center with local trout. Groups will receive a complimentary Passport to Shopping, which includes offers from over 60 stores and restaurants.