In downtown Detroit, Michigan, students can receive a behind-the-scenes tour of the restored Fox Theatre, one of America’s most elegant and grand theaters.

 “The Fox Theatre is special because of the historic significance it holds for Detroit, the state of Michigan and the United States,” said Tony Serra, director of operations. “So many amazing events, shows, concerts and films have been held here over the last 90 years, and it is a wonder to continue to enter the venue just as so many millions of people have before you.”

Students visit many areas of the Fox Theatre when touring. For example, they go into the Grand Lobby, which soars six stories and was designed to resemble an ancient Indian temple; the 5,000-plus seat auditorium; backstage; and on the stage. 

According to Serra, nearly every student tour conducted at the Fox Theatre begins with the students echoing each other upon entering the Grand Lobby with the same word: “Wow!” The reason for this exclamation is largely due to the ornate architecture, the vivid colors and the scale of how large the theater is.

Another highlight for students is being able to step onto the historic stage where thousands of legendary performers have stood over the years. What’s more, students are overwhelmed and overjoyed when they are guided off-stage into the green room to view the thousands of signatures from past performers that adorn the walls of the backstage area.

“After a tour of the Fox, we hope students leave with a renewed sense of the importance of history,” Serra said. “By telling the story of William Fox constructing the theater, and Mike and Marian Ilitch restoring the venue in the 1980s, students learn why preserving our past is a worthy endeavor. They also get to see what life was like 90 years ago firsthand, connecting them to an age gone-by in a way few experiences are able to. Additionally, we hope to instill a sense of pride in what is happening in Detroit in 2019.”

Tours are available by appointment only for groups of 15 or more. Tours are offered Monday through Friday on non-event days.

For more information, call 313-471-3099 or go to