SEA LIFE at Mall of America aquarium in Bloomington, Minnesota, gives students of all ages a breathtaking adventure through the ocean world. From giant sharks to rescued sea turtles, guests come face to fin with thousands of sea creatures in the world-famous 300-foot-long tunnel experience.

The 1.3-million-gallon aquarium allows students to touch a sea star in the Pacific Northwest Rockpool and get close to cockroaches and piranha in Brave the Rainforest.

“We recommend teachers and students enjoy the entire aquarium and discover new fun facts about creatures and conservation,” said John Sullwold, communications manager. “We also hold behind-the-scenes tours and classroom programs to enhance their visit even more.”

These age-appropriate experiences ensure middle school and high school students gain a vast amount of knowledge about the ocean world and get a glimpse at a career with sea creatures.

In the Sensational Senses program, for example, students study the six senses of sharks in comparison to the five senses of human beings. A shark’s sixth sense enables it to be a top predator in the sea.

Cleaning, SEA LIFE at Mall of America
Credit: SEA LIFE at Mall of America

School groups love the aquarium’s 300-foot-long underwater tunnel where they can see 9-foot-long sand tiger sharks, sawfish and rescued sea turtles. “It’s absolutely breathtaking and an experience like none other,” Sullwold said.

SEA LIFE at Mall of America recently opened Brave the Rainforest. In this two-story adventure students move through a rainforest where they can control the weather while coming close to camain crocodiles, piranha, poison dart frogs and over a thousand giant hissing cockroaches.

“When we have students in SEA LIFE at Mall of America, we hope to inspire them to love the ocean, sea creatures and the whole world even more so they can act on their love with caring for creatures in small and big ways in their own community,” Sullwold said.

When the aquarium is able to allow groups per the local and state health guidelines, it can accommodate all sizes of student groups. Sullwold noted school trips needs to be arranged in advance.

Student groups usually spend an hour exploring the aquarium and completing the self-guided activities. Educators can add a 45-minute classroom session or behind-the-scenes tour.

Due to local health authority guidance, face coverings must be worn at all times. Guest flow is in one direction and occupancy is currently limited.

For more information about SEA LIFE at Mall of America call 952-853-0612 or go to