Winter the Dolphin’s new home opens at Clearwater Marine Aquarium


CLEARWATER, Fl. — On Wednesday, Clearwater Marine Aquarium unveiled a new 1.5-million-gallon habitat for Winter the Dolphin. The new home — entitled the Ruth and J.O. Stone Dolphin Complex — was made to provide cutting-edge care for Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s resident dolphins.

“We are so excited to unveil this beautiful new space after 14 years of planning and discussions,” said CMA’s CEO Frank Dame. “Each guest that comes through our doors allows us the ability to rescue, rehab, release and care for our non-releasable resident marine animals.”

Nine viewing windows offer underwater views of not only Winter, but the habitat’s other resident dolphins, Hope, PJ, Nicholas and Hemingway. The space additionally includes the 40-foot wide by 14-foot tall Kate Tiedemann and Ellen Cotton Main Dolphin Pool and Observation Window.

The complex triples CMA’s dolphin pool space, which allows for the care of additional rescued animals.

“With the additional capacity this beautiful and custom-made habitat affords us, we will be able to care for twice as many rescued animals and give them the best care available,” Dame said.

The opening of the new habitat is the first in a two-phased opening for the Stone Dolphin Complex; in the fall, CMA will open third-floor access to the complex with views of Clearwater Beach and the top of the dolphin habitats. In addition, phase II of the expansion project will include a new entrance, dining areas, retail area, private event space, high-tech theatre and more.

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