WonderWorks, the science focused, indoor amusement park for the mind, recently unveiled new exhibits at its locations in Branson, Missouri, and Panama City Beach, Florida.

STEAM ahead in Branson

WonderWorks Branson added to its existing STEM exhibits a new exhibit area called “Full STEAM Ahead.” In addition to science, technology, engineering and math, the “a” in steam is for art. The new exhibit area will focus on STEAM careers, beginning with becoming an astronaut. “Full STEAM Ahead” includes videos, demonstrations, interactives and robotic arms. Experiencing the new exhibit is included in the regular admission price to the indoor amusement park.

New exhibit, Branson WonderWorks
Credit: WonderWorks

“STEAM career fields play an important role in our society,” said Brenda Dent, general manager at WonderWorks Branson. “We are happy to introduce students to these career fields and encourage them to explore their opportunities.”

The new exhibit opened on Nov. 24, 2020. Numerous STEAM-related careers will be highlighted in the coming years. In addition to an astronaut, other careers include web developer, computer programmer, soil and plant scientist, chemist, physical education teacher, forensic science technician, zoologist, environmental engineer and landscape architect, among others.

There will also be pop-up STEAM demos throughout WonderWorks, such as an egg drop, bed of nails and the art of origami — in addition to all the STEAM-related fun that will take place inside WonderWorks, (including the OzART contest). Other STEM-related programs offered include virtual learning labs, science fair partnership opportunities, science fun facts and hands-on experiences with each visit.

Additionally, a military section honors those in the armed forces. This space highlights STEAM-related job opportunities in the military and showcases some of the technology used in the army. This section includes interactive exhibits, military artifacts and a theater showing of a short film, American Pride.

“We have a great exhibit that will allow people to explore these career fields in a fun way,” Dent saud. “We look forward to adding more options as well. Now is the time to introduce students to these fields. You never know where that introduction will take them.”

WonderWorks Branson
Credit: WonderWorks

STEM exhibit in Panama City Beach

On Nov. 24, 2020, WonderWorks Panama City Beach opened a new STEM exhibit dedicated to celebrating and introducing people to the areas of STEM. STEM is shorthand for science, technology, engineering and math. Guests are able to explore STEM careers, with access to videos, demonstrations and firsthand career information. A rotation of careers will be spotlighted, giving guests the ability to learn more about a specific field. Access to this exhibit is included in the regular admission price.

An astronaut is the first STEM career that is being spotlighted at WonderWorks Panama City Beach.
Credit: WonderWorks

“This is going to be a great addition to all we have to offer families in the area,” said Michael Walsingham, general manager of WonderWorks Panama City Beach. “It’s an important area that kids need to learn more about, so they can consider a career path in the area.”

An astronaut is the first STEM career that is being spotlighted. Guests learn what it takes to become an astronaut, what it’s like to be one, and why they should consider such a field. Plus, they will get a chance to hear this information directly from an astronaut. Additional future careers to be spotlighted include landscape architect, zoologist, forensic scientist, chemist and physical education teacher.

WonderWorks also has locations in Orlando, Florida; Pigeon Forge, Tennessee; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; and Syracuse, New York.

WonderWorks Panama City Beach
Credit: WonderWorks