The perfect visit for students and educators alike to absorb the rich cultural influence of America’s National Pastime, baseball, and its impact on a community and city.

The Bronx Bombers have called River Avenue and 161st Street “home” since 1923. Yankee Stadium honors the Yankees’ winning tradition while offering premier entertainment experiences. 

Stadium tours visit Monument Park, where Yankees immortals are enshrined in bronze. The New York Yankees Museum Presented by Bank of America celebrates pinstriped heroes and their championship legacies through rotating exhibits. Guests experience the players’ perspective from the home dugout or enjoy a panoramic view from the press box. Stadium events beyond baseball — including soccer, football and concerts — are recognized on each tour. 

Knowledgeable tour guides share inside secrets and fascinating facts for guests to enjoy. Connect students and educators with the New York Yankees’ championship legacy on a Yankee Stadium tour! 

Yankee Stadium Tours


New York Yankees Museum, New York City, N.Y.

The history of baseball’s premier franchise lives inside the New York Yankees Museum Presented by Bank of America. Rotating exhibits honor legendary “Bronx Bombers” heroes, championship teams, and celebrated achievements. 

Permanent displays include World Series trophies and a “Ball Wall” containing autographed baseballs from Yankees past and present. Museum visitors learn how pinstriped icons became American heroes. From Babe Ruth’s bat to Aaron Judge’s uniform, the museum celebrates the Yankees’ century-long heritage of success.   


Monument Park, Yankee Stadium, New York City, N.Y.

Monument Park immortalizes history-making heroes. Here, legendary Yankees are enshrined among baseball’s most exclusive fraternity. Each bronze plaque and retired uniform number celebrates a cornerstone of Yankees success. Students and educators will recognize names which have transcended sports to make social, cultural, and economic history. 

Monument Park also recognizes three Papal masses at Yankee Stadium as well as contributors to freedom and social justice. Yankee Stadium tours provide insight into the stories behind these heroes.     


Yankee Stadium Dugout and Press Box, New York City, N.Y.

Yankee Stadium Tours provide exclusive access to this iconic venue. The home dugout offers opportunities to literally walk in players’ footsteps. Furthermore, tour guides discuss the stadium’s architecture and operations while guests relax on the bench or lean against the dugout railing. 

Inside the press box, utilized by sportswriters from around the world, students and educators learn about the importance of baseball’s media. The press box also offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the stadium’s interior.


Hard Rock Café, Yankee Stadium, New York City, N.Y.

Conveniently located onsite and capable of accommodating up to 165 guests, Hard Rock Café Yankee Stadium is the perfect dining experience for all tour visitors. Also explore historic memorabilia items from New York-based artists and musicians, and of course, mementos from the beloved Yankees.

With award-winning cuisine, Hard Rock Café Yankee Stadium pays homage to everything treasured about New York City. The ultimate sports and music experience is waiting at Hard Rock Cafe Yankee Stadium!