Educational travel can teach all kinds of lessons in leadership and responsibility, including how to earn and save money for the trip. Help students get started with one or more of these fundraising strategies.

1. Tried-and-true methods

A bake sale, car wash, used-book fair or community garage sale can generate significant funds. These are great ways to begin your fundraising efforts.

2. Crowdfunding

Websites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe can be great ways to raise cash from donors all over the world. Share the campaign on social media for more exposure. When creating the campaign, pay attention to each website’s fine print, watching closely for hidden fees and payout information.

3. Battle of the Bands

Music is a hobby for many middle and high school students. Organize a Battle of the Bands and charge the bands and audience members. For a fun twist, consider a fundraising karaoke contest.

4. Recycling drive

Have students collect old cartridges, cell phones, clothes or even soda cans. Set up a partnership with a company that will buy the recycled items.

5. Color run

Students wear white T-shirts, and at specific checkpoints, volunteers spray them with water-based paint or throw water balloons containing paint. Charge a participation fee and have sponsors pledge money for each completed lap.

Fundraising tips from our readers

How do your students raise funds for a class trip?

“We set up booths at all of the area festivals and sell food products that are donated. Our sign also is helpful in receiving donations.”

James Craft, teacher, South Central Jr.­–Sr. High School, Union Mills, Indiana

“I have had success with selling World’s Finest Chocolate Bars. Our next big fundraiser is a bowling event at our local bowling alley.”

Amy Harn, choir director, Byron Community School District 226, Byron, Illinois

“We use our school parking lot for local parade parking on St. Patrick’s Day. We only ask for a free-will donation, and people literally throw $20 bills at us! The whole thing lasts only three hours — just waving students with signs to draw people in.  We made $1,600 this year!”

Bruce Boehne, teacher, Zion Lutheran School, Dallas, Texas